Turning Data into Gold by Uncovering Hidden Opportunities

My name is Dr. Michael Moss and I offer a unique blend of skills that includes IT research, predictive / qualitative analysis, systems / software engineering, proposal writing, and business acumen. In addition to having twelve years of experience as a systems and software engineer, I hold a PhD in information technology with a specialization in information security and a Master’s degree in applied economics. As such, I offer a combination of technical and analytical expertise.


With increasing amounts of data becoming available from ever-expanding sources, companies wishing to thrive in the digital marketplace must focus on effectively utilizing their data to maintain a competitive advantage. I am passionate regarding the use of quantitative data to optimize a company’s decision-making process and facilitate its growth. To accomplish these goals, I find underlying patterns in data by developing classification, prediction, clustering, and regression models, using machine learning, econometrics, and statistical analysis.


Information technology professional with over 12 years of experience as a software engineer, systems engineer, and technical manager, as well as five years of experience conducting technological research.

Expert in conducting research within the information technology industry. Examines the process of selecting, deploying, and operating information technology within organizations. Investigates topics involving information technology strategy formulation and business alignment; information technology organization, structure, and governance; implementation and change management; and, organizational learning and knowledge management.

Proficient in data exploration, pattern recognition, and analysis, using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Finds underlying patterns in data by developing classification, prediction, optimization, and regression models, using machine learning, econometrics, and statistical analysis. Utilizes exploratory qualitative inquiry to examine the how and why of people’s experiences.

Skilled in developing technically compliant proposals with compelling narratives for federal government contracts. Supports business development by writing requirements-based proposals that effectively align corporate solutions with business opportunities.


  • Comprehensive industry knowledge assimilated from research involving such topics as information assurance and security; IT strategy formulation and business alignment; and, IT organization, structure, and governance.
  • Extensive analytical capabilities acquired from using quantitative procedures, including sample analysis, population testing, analysis of variance (ANOVA and MANOVA), canonical correlations, multiple regression modeling (linear, nonlinear, and logistic), and factor analysis.
  • Hands-on technical expertise attained from programming applications, developing databases, and performing systems integration.
  • Leadership skills gained from managing a U.S.A.F. maintenance branch consisting of 195 avionics specialists and a private sector software development team consisting of 30 engineers and support personnel.


  • Computer and Information Research
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Econometrics
  • Software Engineering
  • Systems Engineering

Dissertation Title: “Factors that Influence Self-Disclosure for Job Seekers Using Social Networking: A Qualitative Case Study”

Thesis Title: “Determinants of Salary in Nonprofit Organizations: A Study of Executive Compensation in Symphony Orchestras”

Conference Presentation: “An Examination of Pay versus Performance in Major League Baseball: Prelude to Optimization,” a paper delivered at the Western Economic Association International 66th Annual Conference, Seattle, WA, 1991.