About Me

During my 13 years of IT experience, I have served as a software engineer, systems engineer, and technical manager. My technical contributions have resulted in professional recognition, to include the Lockheed Martin Spot Award for Outstanding Effort Contributing to Mission Success (twice) and the Lockheed Martin Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Effort Contributing to Program Success. Additionally, I have over five years of experience conducting intensive research within the information technology industry.

I have a doctorate (with distinction) in information technology with a specialization in information security. I also hold graduate degrees in economics (MA) and administrative organization & management (MPA). My academic efforts have resulted in my induction into The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi (signifying my standing within the top 2% of my graduate school) and Omicron Delta Epsilon, International Honor Society in Economics.

Leveraging my strong background in technical/operational management, system design, application/database development, and COTS integration, I lead teams and provide applications that facilitate process improvement. Trained in quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, I am proficient in data exploration, pattern recognition, and analysis.

While working in both professional and academic environments, I have developed the following personal qualities:

  • ability to learn quickly
  • ability to make good decisions quickly
  • analytical, inquiring, logic mindedness
  • ability to work well under pressure and willingness to work hard
  • competitiveness, enjoyment of challenge
  • ability to apply myself to a variety of tasks simultaneously
  • through, organized, and efficient
  • excellent time management skills
  • resourceful, determined, and persistent
  • imaginative, creative
  • cooperative and helpful
  • objective and flexible
  • sensitive to different perspectives

I am at my best when using my well-developed, analytical approach to solving problems. As a leader, I am goal-orientated and provide guidance, respect, and encouragement to my team members. What I espouse and live by: “Dare something worthy.”

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Resume Word Cloud